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Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations

A little about information given during puppy vaccinations: To assist new owners and breeders I have produced two fact sheets: The first 'Puppy Care Fact Sheet' is a two-sided handout with general information about puppy care. This helps to explain to new owners information such as how often to worm your new puppy, vaccination schedules, insurance etc. The second handout 'Your New Puppy' is given out during litter vaccinations. This form is to be handed on to new owners (along with the Puppy care fact sheet) to explain the information on their puppies vaccination card. Many new owners fail to understand they need to continue vaccinating their puppy and this handout clearly explains how to find the due date of their puppies next vaccination. This gives breeders a little reassurance that the new owners are fully aware of how to look after their new bundle of joy!All puppies get a full health check prior to vaccination and a vaccination card.

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