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Feline AIDS

FIV is a virus that causes feline AIDS, an immune deficiency disease. Similar to human FIV/AIDS the feline form affects the cat’s immune system making them susceptible to attack by other diseases. Symptoms can be very vague and cats can live as asymptomatic carriers for months or even years after initial infection. If a cat develops the next stage of the disease and becomes immune suppressed then they will require more intensive treatment from any illnesses they contract and sadly many will end up dying from these secondary diseases. FIV is usually transmitted through being bitten by an infected cat and that makes outdoor cats most likely to be infected. To protect your outdoor cat or new kitten I give them a course of 3 vaccinations 2-4 weeks apart. If vaccinating your adult cat I would need to run a simple blood test first to ensure they were negative. This can be done in your own home and only takes about 10 minutes to get the result. Unfortunately it is estimated that up to 28% of Queensland cats are infected with FIV so the risk is very real. Vaccination is recommended for all outdoor cats. Please note that FIV is NOT transmittable to humans

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